The Pink Diamond, a Precious Pink Stone

The pink diamond is, above all, a fantastic gemstone. Some international celebrities have increased the desire for these precious stones that are rare and difficult to find and for which you have to pay a very high price.

Its pink color is due to the presence to a greater or lesser extent of nitrogen in its structure during its formation, it causes the stone to compress and acquire this much-desired pink shade.

Chemically the diamond is pure, that is to say, perfect and transparent, without any nuance or color. But the reality is different, almost no natural diamond is absolutely perfect. Scientifically, diamonds are classified into two main types depending on the nature of their imperfections and how they affect the absorption of light.

Type I: Diamonds are those that have nitrogen as the main impurity. These acquire white, yellow and brown tones. Around 98% of the current diamond extraction corresponds to this type.

Type II: Diamonds contain little or no impurity. They appear pink, red or brown, which are rare diamonds and usually originate in the Australian mines. Within this type, we also find the steely blue or gray diamonds.

And, back to our protagonist, the pink diamond. We find it in different ranges depending on its rarity and it has pink, orange-pink or purple-pink tones. All of them from the Argyle mine in Australia, the largest deposit of these diamonds in the world, you can also see a list of argyle pinks.

Distinguish the Pink Diamond from the White Diamond

Although the tones seem to blend, the argyle diamond investments distinguish them perfectly. In fact. The rose has become a refuge value in the world of diamond because of its rarity and its price, it is the favorite of collectors and professionals in the sector.

Unlike pink, white diamond abounds in several international deposits, especially in Anvers. Studies confirm that of a total of 1,490 proven pink diamonds, only 7% turned out to be pure, the remaining majority were classified as “fancy vivid” i.e.… “living fantasy.”

Pink diamond is expensive, to give you an idea, with similar characteristics, pink will be 10 times more expensive than a white diamond.

The Delicate Choice of a Pink Diamond

In list of argyle pinks diamonds can easily exceed the price of 100,000 US dollars. The choice of a pink diamond is guided by the personality of the color and its declines, depending on the degree of saturation acquires different names such as fancy light pink, fancy pink, fancy purplish-pink, and fancy vivid pink.

The History of One of Famous Pink Diamonds

The Graff Pink, 24.78 carats, is an intense pink diamond in emerald cut and set in a ring. This diamond was purchased by Laurence Graff at a price of 46 million US dollars at an auction in Sotheby`s in Geneva, last November 2010. This stone is of type IIa and of a VVS2 purity, it is the most expensive diamond of the world.

Another 10.99-carat pink diamond carved in emerald was awarded in May 2011 for a price of US $ 10.8 million also at Sotheby`s in Geneva. With a purity VS1 and type IIa, it is the third most expensive pink diamond in the auctions.

Another diamond with history is the Darya-i-Nur, original from India, 182 carats and pale pink. It belonged to the Mongol emperors and today is part of the Treasures Jewels of the Iranian Crown.

The Pink-Peach Hydrangea, is another famous stone of 21.32 carats and that adopted the name of Hydrangea of ​​Ebauharnais, Queen of Holland and mother of Napoleon III. King Louis XIV wore it in his attire, and today it is exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris, in France.